Church-Planters to Myanmar
Sent from: Lighthouse Baptist Church, Horseheads, New York USA


Peter Judson was originally “Jo Jo Aung” of Mon State, Myanmar, or old Burma.  He was raised in Buddhism as all the others in his village of Thaton.  He, like them, never knew or even questioned that there might be another way.  But after school, Peter went to Thailand to work.  He met a man named Pastor Joseph and, visiting his church, he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.  He believed the Gospel in his heart and prayed to receive Christ as his personal Saviour.  It was through Pastor Joseph’s church that he met his wife, Say Say (Ruth), a young lady from the Myanmar Sgaw Kayin (or Karen) tribe and they were married.  Soon Missionary Emmanuel Sinoy, from the Philippines, came to the city of Mae Sot, Thailand with a burden to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Burmese and Peter agreed to help him start his church.  He became Pastor Sinoy’s interpreter for the next five years and during that time trained for the ministry.  The young couple started a family and the Lord gave them three beautiful children: Sarah, Charity, and Joshua.  Thinking he could never again return to his beloved Myanmar, Peter and Ruth decided to come to America where he might be able to minister to the thousands of Burmese refugees.

Jo Jo Aung and Say Say landed in Chicago and immediately were sent by American immigration to the city of Des Moines, Iowa where they settled into their new apartment.  He got a good job and Say Say’s life was centered around raising their children.  They joined the Des Moines Baptist Church and, with the help of their new pastor, established a ministry to the area’s Burmese refugees.  Jo Jo Aung had learned to be a soul-winner and, together, he and his wife won many to Christ, doing outreach ministries sometimes in the city park and in their own apartment.

After five years in America and securing their American citizenship, they changed their names to Peter and Ruth Judson.  They fully intended to spend the remainder of their lives in America but God had other plans for them.  Soon God began to speak to his heart about the need of his own people back in Myanmar.  Peter is from Old Burma but he is not Burmese.  Peter is from the Pa-O tribe, one of hundreds of different people groups in Myanmar.  In fact, Peter was the first person in his tribe to believe in Christ as his Saviour.  His mother was the second.  And to their knowledge, they are the only Christians in their entire people group.

Peter called Dr. Bob DeWitt of Golden Land Baptist Missions and said, “I cannot stay in America.  I must return to Myanmar and God has burdened my heart to start a church in the city of Malawmyine, Mon State.”  Brother DeWitt was excited because Malawmyine is not only a port city but it is the third city of famed missionary Adoniram Judson and where Mrs. Anne “Nancy” Judson is buried.

Brother DeWitt helped the Judson move to Horseheads, New York and the Lighthouse Baptist Church, the home of GLBM where they have been preparing for the last six months to return to Myanmar.  They have visited some churches and have a small amount of support but they need more.  We believe that this godly couple will do a powerful work in the city of Malawmyine.  Please pray for them and consider helping them for two years as they plant their church and seek to become self-supporting.