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Tiffany McDonald grew up in Albany, New York and attended the Open Bible Baptist Church with Pastor Glen Hamilton.  Faithful Christian parents took her to church all her life.  Pastor Hamilton was a man who had a burden for souls and witnessed everywhere he went.  When the Burmese refugees began to populate the church’s neighborhood it was natural that he and the church would go after them.  Brother DeWitt came to Albany to help reach them and a tent crusade was organized.  Soon hundreds of Burmese were attending the services on a regular basis.  Tiffany and her family fell in love with the Burmese refugees, particularly the Karen tribal people, and they worked with many of the children.  Tiffany acquired a mini-van and spent her Sundays picking up Burmese people for church services, sometimes making seven to ten trips a day.

When Tiffany graduated from high school it was a natural thing that she should go to Bible college and prepare herself to be a missionary to the people God had already put in her heart.  Upon completing her work in Bible college, even before walking with her graduating class, Tiffany went to Thailand, worked with the FBMI Thai Team and finally GLBM’s Emmanuel Sinoy.  Again, the children in the school and orphanage won her heart.  But Pastor Sinoy asked her to return there, to work with he and his wife, the church, Bible Institute, and grade school.  Tiffany has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education with a Proficiency in ESL, or Teaching English as a Second Language.  Her knowledge and gifts are especially needed in the GLBM ministries in Mae Sot, Thailand where a half million Burmese people live and work.  Please help Miss Tiffany McDonald get to the mission field and join our team there.