Church Plants

How do you reach a people whose language you do not speak and whose culture you do not adequately understand? In Myanmar and surrounding areas GLBM works mostly through trained national preachers. The first mission of GLBM is to plant churches because we believe that the local church is the channel of world evangelism. There are those who want to start schools or even seminaries but we believe that Jesus ordained the institution of the Church and that all ministries should emanate from a strong congregation governed by a Pastor and its officers.   Paul the Apostle told Timothy, his son in the faith, For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee…Titus 1:5. Once a church-planter/pastor has established a strong church-base, then other ministries like schools and orphanages can be started as a ministry of that particular congregation. Preachers associated with GLBM are building churches and training other men, sending them out to plant churches in specific areas where no Bible-preaching, soul-winning, mission-minded church currently exists. We do not seek to build upon another man’s foundation but we want to be pioneers. Many churches have been started and many others have been strengthened.

Please pray for these particularly young ministries:


Michael Khai is a 2014 Bible Institute graduate serving in Malaysia among the Chin refugees.  Michael is a tremendous soul-winner and has been a wonderful translator for our GLBM teams. Even before graduating, Michael started a new church-plant in the border village of Mae Tao, a community in the Tak Province of Thailand, just across the Myanmar border. This area is inhabited by mostly Burmese people.

Pastor/Church-planter A LIN

Pastor A Lin is starting a church in the Burmese village of Hlaing Htar Ya, Myanmar, an hour north of Yangon city. He has suffered great persecution but has persevered. He has been there for more than five years. When Brother DeWitt and the GLBM team visited him in 2013, he had just been married to a beautiful young lady. They live and hold church services in a one-room bamboo hut where the couple’s entire married life is under a blanket in the middle of a dozen widows and all their children. Pastor A Lin has won more than sixty people to Christ. He is using the GLBM discipleship material to train his new converts and needs much help. If you would like to help Pastor A Lin and this young church with a one-time gift or with monthly support, please contact GLBM.

Missionary, Church-planter MANG SAR

Mang Sar is a genuinely New Testament church-planter. He and his wife have nine children. Mang Sar’s family lives in Palatwa, a village in Chin State, north of where he is working in Rakhine State. Even though the overwhelmingly predominant religion in Myanmar is Buddhism, Rakhine State is one of the strongest Buddhist areas. Yet Mang Sar has had success in reaching many souls there. Beginning in a small tribal village of the Mru (pronounced Myoo) people, the village chief was the first to become a Christian. But even though a shining Buddhist pagoda was predominant on the mountainside behind the village, many souls turned to Christ. Church services were being held regularly, the converts were being taught, and Burmese Bibles were transported to the remote village and distributed. When Bob DeWitt and GLBM’s Financial Secretary Matt Mayer visited these people in 2012, it was obvious that these people were excited about their new faith in Christ. But soon Rohingya Muslims, a Bangladesh people who have infiltrated the Myanmar State of Rakhine, heard that the village had turned to Christ. Four of our families were killed and many escaped into the jungle. With the help of GLBM, Pastor Thaung Lian of Bethany Baptist Church in Yangon took several of his men, found the remainder of our people, hiding in the jungle, and brought them back to Yangon. We built them bamboo houses and began to provide them with more training. Mang Sar had to flee the Rakhine area with the Mru people but soon returned to rebuild what was left of the church there. Since then he has trained a disciple to take over that particular work and has gone on to start another church in the Mrauk area of northern Rakhine State. Please pray for GLBM Missionary Church-planter Mang Sar and his family.

NECREMIA – We call him Pastor Nehemiah

Pastor Nehemiah is working in the large township of Shwe Pyi Thar in Yangon Division. He is assisted by his son-in-law Thaw Thaw Eh. They began their work last year in a one-room bamboo hut on a dirt road in a community just off the main road. They started with just a few new converts and a few others who were interested in the “new religion.” Brother DeWitt visited them in this place but they have since had to move to a larger hut because of the number of souls being saved. GLBM is currently paying their rent which is about $30 per month. They need more support than that. Please pray for these faithful servants of Christ.