GLBM Preachers

Hundreds of preachers come to our annual Pastors Conference in the city of Yangon. Whereas GLBM seeks to influence many of these men, not all these pastors receive financial assistance or even completely concur with our Statement of Faith. Preachers who receive financial assistance from GLBM have completed sufficient training and a 12-page questionnaire demonstrating that they are of like faith and practice. GLBM pastors and church-planters give regular reports, giving evidence of their work and progress in building a church and reaching souls for Christ. Every GLBM preacher is living and working by faith and serves with some degree of persecution. Please pray earnestly for our preachers. Here are some of the GLBM preachers: Myanmar

Yangon Division (including Yangon City)

Pastor A Lin – Hlaing Thar Ya Township, Yangon Division


Pastor A Lin is a young preacher who has preached in the same village for more than five years. He and his wife live and work in a one room bamboo hut with a dozen widows and all their children. It is difficult just to buy rice for all. Yet they are winning many to Christ and doing a great work.

Thaung Ngaih Lian,

Bethany Baptist Church, South Dagon, Yangon Division Pastor Thaung has one of GLBM’s strongest ministries and thus many needs. He supports at least a half dozen of his own men whom he has sent out to plant new churches and is training more. Pastor Thaung helps us organize our GLBM Pastors Conference in Yangon each year and assists in transporting and distributing Scriptures.  See Pastor Thaung Lian’s ministry at:

Zan Win

ZanWin_orphans2 SONY DSC
Pastor Zan Win has raised up a good church and school with approximately 60 orphans. After losing a compound he build totally by faith, he has recovered and has rebuilt in another location. Yet Zan Win is currently receiving no financial assistance from GLBM.

Nehemiah (and Thaw Eh)

Nehemiah (or Necremia) is seeking to build a great church with his son-in-law in the Shwe Pyi Thar area, a very large township north of the city of Yangon. They are winning souls in this growing area and we are receiving regular reports of baptisms.



Jonah is pastoring a church he planted in Shwe Pyi Thar and, for many years, was stoned regularly. In 2012 our team visited his church and the Lord seemed to open his village to give him more liberty.

Maung Naw


Maung Naw pastors a church that is a good softball-throw from a Buddhist temple that broadcasts blaring music and chanting over huge loudspeakers almost incessantly. He and his wife raised up a good church with a strong outreach, taking care of their own large family and many orphans. But Maung Naw’s wife passed away suddenly early 2013.

Saw Isaac


Saw Isaac and his wife have two beautiful daughters. The youngest has kidney disease. They are working in a very poor area and live and hold church services in a one room bamboo hut that is the size of many American walk-in closets.

Joseph Way Thang


Joseph Way Thang and his wife have seven children. The church they are building is their second. They live and worship in a one room bamboo hut on a tiny fish and snake-filled creek and have very little monthly support.

Pai Lian Thang (and son, Samuel)


Pai Lian Thang’s son, Samuel recently graduated from an Indian Bible college and has returned to work with his Dad. But many years ago Pai Lian Thang’s wife died in child-birth. Since that time he has repeatedly gone to a village, won a family to Christ and moved in with them while winning others and training disciples. When he had trained a man to take his place as the Pastor, he would move on to the next village, never having his own house, or any car but living totally by faith. When Bob DeWitt visited this man in the family’s bamboo hut where he was currently staying, he showed him a record of 4700 souls he has won to Christ, one at a time, over the past twenty-some years, all while suffering great persecution.

A. B. Min Aung

A.B. Min Aung Family

A.B. Min Aung is a faithful preacher of the Gospel who has given himself to winning souls in Myanmar and will not stop even to come to our Pastors Conference in the last two years. We are confident that he is working hard for Christ.

Aung Shwe


Aung Shwe is an evangelist, working selflessly with Pastor Thaung Ngaih Lian. He assists GLBM with communicating with preachers throughout Myanmar and organizing the annual Pastors Conference.

Kee Lwin


Kee Lwin is a missionary-evangelist who helps to plant churches and has been used of God to win many souls and organize believers in both Yangon and Shan State. He has a kind of selfless energy that propels him through many obstacles.

Win Aung

Win Aung_crop

Win Aung is currently in Malaysia, preparing himself to return to Myanmar to plant churches.



Tawah is a man who came to Christ after a life of street fighting and has confessed to even “killing a man.” But his life and humility is a testimony of the complete change that Christ makes in a believer’s heart.

Than Khen Mang


Than Khen Mang is from the Naga Tribe who mostly reside in the “Naga Hill” area of Sagaing Division which borders Northeastern India. He is GLBM’s only Naga preacher. Than Khen Mang pastors a church where he also takes care of many orphans from the Naga and Kuki tribes.

Do Bate


Do Bate (pronounced Doe Ba Tay) is a very humble and faithful preacher of the Gospel with a burden to plant and build a church for Christ.

Boy Ling – Pastor, South Dagon Township, Yangon Division

Bawi Ling1










Boy Ling and his wife have established a good church and care for their own children plus many orphans. Despite persecution they have faithfully served Christ with joy.

Pastor Benja Min









Benja Min is an impressive young man of faith who has already planted a church and is winning souls. We feel that he will do a great work if we can give him a little help.

James – Pastor/Church-planter in Shwe Pyi Thar Township


James has established a church and is preaching the Gospel faithfully in a hard place. Like most Myanmar preachers, his work is wholly of faith.

Magwe Division

Pastor Htein Win Ei,

            Aung Lan Baptist Church, Thayetmyo, Magwe Division

Pastor Htein Win Ei was Brother DeWitt’s first contact in Myanmar. Pastor Htein has the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics but lives in a dirt-floor hut so that he can reach his people with the Gospel. Persecuted many times for years, as many preachers in Myanmar, Pastor Htein has persisted to build a strong church and school, with many orphans, and a great music and English education program.

Ba Htoo


Pastor Ba Htoo is a humble servant who has pastored a church near the old Baptist compound in Thayet, along the Irrawaddy River, a place where American missionaries were driven from in 1962. His ministry is a testimony of faithfulness.

Rakhine Division

Mang Sar


Mang Sar is a genuine church-planter and personifies the Biblical definition of a missionary. Even with a large family of nine children, he has planted several churches, reaching people groups who never previously heard of Jesus Christ or any part of His Gospel. Suffering persecution and even coming close to death, Mang Sar has selflessly continued and returned to the very place where his life was threatened and where many others died for Christ.

U Saw Neing

U Saw Neing (name changed for safety) is a former Buddhist high priest monk who converted to Christ and is now planting churches. He now stands regularly on street corners, gathers a crowd, and compares the teachings of Christ with those of Gaudama (the last Buddha) reminding his Buddhist friends that their Teacher predicted a coming Messiah or Savior, One who could help them when he himself could not.

Bago Division

Joel Myint Aung

Joel Myint Aung_crop

Joel Myint Aung is both preacher and student. He continues his education by studying in his own pastor’s Bible institute but is planting a church and letting no grass grow under his feet. He lives by faith like all GLBM preachers.

Mon State

Peter and Ruth Judson (Jo Jo Aung and Say Say)


Peter Judson, otherwise known in Myanmar as Jo Jo Aung, was born in Thaton, Mon State, Myanmar to Buddhist parents. After moving to Thailand, he heard the Gospel and became the first member of his people group, the Pa-O Tribe, to become a Christian. He immediately won his mother to Christ and to their knowledge, they are the only Christians within that group yet today. Believing that he and his family could never return to their homeland, they became refugees to America in 2008. They are now members of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Horseheads, New York USA – the home church of GLBM. Brother Judson believes that God would have him return to Myanmar to plant a new church in Malawmyine, the third city of missionary Adoniram Judson, where Anne Hasseltine Judson is buried. Brother Judson is a wonderful soul-winner, a separated and spiritual man. We believe that he and his family will do a wonderful work in Old Burma and that God will use him greatly to reach many souls for Christ. They are planning on returning to Myanmar in 2014.

Lal Ram Hngak (“Pastor Steven”)

Lal Ram Hngak

Lal Ram Hngak, known also as “Pastor Steven,” is from the Falam Tribe in Myanmar’s Chin State. He is a seminary graduate and has worked with the Burmese migrant people in Mae Sot, Thailand for more than six years. His vision is to return to Myanmar and to plant a new church.

Pastor Joshua, outskirts of Mae Sot, Thailand

Joshua has a tremendous burden for the Burmese people and has started a church and school with orphans. He lost everything in a fire last year but has continued on and is renting another facility but needs much assistance.