Members of the December 2011 Baptist Missionary-Mission Team was GLBM Founder/Director Bob DeWitt, GLBM Financial Secretary Matthew Mayer, Evangelist Boyd Collins, and WV Pastor Randy Campbell.  With the help of various churches, Evangelist Boyd Collins’ ministry sent a large gospel tent to Mae Sot, Thailand and thousands were saved.  Scriptures by the thousands were distributed.  Following the tent meeting, Bob DeWitt and Matthew Mayer traveled to the city of Yangon, inside Myanmar, to hold a large city-wide youth conference.  Many were saved and hundreds of youth surrendered their lives to Christ.  Following the conference Brother DeWitt met with thirty Myanmar pastors who were interested in becoming part of GLBM.  Finally Brothers DeWitt and Mayer traveled with GLBM missionary church-planters Thaung Lian and Mang Sar to Rakhine State, a two day journey by plane, boat, jeep, and canoe, to the Mru tribe, an unreached people group where a church was planted and many souls were saved.