Church-planting Missionaries to Myanmar
Sent from:  Grace Baptist Church, Troy NY  Pastor John Koletas

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Timothy Davis has dreamed about being a missionary to Burma for most of his life.  As a boy in school he was given an assignment  to do a written report on one of his heroes.  He chose Missionary Adoniram Judson.  Soon he was reading every biography he could find.  Even after high school and through Bible college, Brother Davis concentrated on his desire to be a missionary to the Burmese.  When he met Athanasia, his bride to be, a woman who was surrendered to whatever the will of God might be for her life, his dream of going to Burma was a step closer.  Now sent out of his father-in-law’s church, Timothy and Athanasia are preparing to move to the Golden Land in fulfillment of that dream.

Tim went to Myanmar (old Burma) in 2013 with Brother DeWitt.  Whereas he had visited Thailand, he had never yet been inside the country of his calling.  In December of 2013, he not only got to visit Myanmar; he was able to visit a few villages and preach in the annual GLBM Pastors Conference in the city of Yangon.

The Davis’ are now on deputation and are looking forward to moving to Myanmar as soon as possible.  Please pray for the Davis family and consider helping them reach the people God has put in their hearts.