GLBM Grade Schools

Many GLBM Pastors are teaching children and housing orphans.  Some are more organized than others.  Two GLBM Pastors/Church-planters have organized Bible Institutes and it is in our heart to start a full Bible college at some time in the near future.

Aung Lan Baptist Academy

– a ministry of the Aung Lan Baptist Church, Village of Aung Lan, Magwe Division, Myanmar

The Aung Lan Baptist Church and Academy were both founded by Pastor Htein Win Ei, an Asho Chin preacher.  HteinWinEi_longyiHtein Win Ei has never been to an organized Bible college but he has what amounts to a Bachelors Degree in Physics from the University of Yangon.  He started his ministry in a difficult time and a challenging place.  He has been persecuted much.  He humbly states with no accusations to anyone, “I have had times of unpleasantness.”  But despite the challenges, Htein Win Ei has built a powerful and spiritual ministry on a rough and primitive compound.  He lives in a dirt floor hut with his wife and four children.  He battles high blood pressure.  They have no real church building, but the congregation (and school) shares an indoor/outdoor pavilion made from bamboo with a dirt floor that is kept swept clean at all times.  The only kitchen is a fire pit in the ground on one side of the pavilion with a few shelves and hooks for pots and pans.  The children and staff alike sleep on bamboo mats inside mosquito nets atop hard, rough hewn boards in buildings that are not as nice as most American barns.  Yet, soon after arriving on the property, any visitor is immediately struck with the wonderful, spiritual atmosphere; so much so that the thought soon comes to simply unpack and stay.  The children are clean, polite, joyful, and serving.  There is no such thing as children running around loudly and making a mess.  There is a discipline, but yet a satisfaction.  The students are genuinely happy.  Those on staff who teach, cook, and help organize the students also live on the compound, existing there with very little remuneration.  No one is getting rich and no one has much that is their own.  But rather, those who are part of the ministry of Aung Lan Baptist Church and Academy have all things common amongst themselves.

Pastor Htein Win Ei was Brother DeWitt’s first contact in Myanmar.  Htein personally asked him to come.  Many months of prayer and correspondence preceded Brother DeWitt’s arrival.  But, when he finally came to the property, he was immediately impressed with the character of Pastor Htein Win Ei, his staff, students, and the ministry they had built only by faith.  Few knew English and those who did had a very limited vocabulary.  Five years later Pastor Htein had his children singing in a choir many of the great hymns of the faith, all in English.

Many souls have been won to Christ.  Many Bible conferences have been preached.  And many youth camps have been organized by Pastor Htein Win Ei, all while having very little fellowship or encouragement from anyone in Myanmar or anywhere else.  He is a prayer warrior.  He is a man who believes God.  He is self-taught yet gifted, educated, and raised up by God Himself.  To see and hear Pastor Htein Win Ei speak to children or work with them is to marvel at a man who has a gift from God to do so.

GLBM supports Pastor Htein Win Ei and the Aung Lan Baptist Church ministries on a monthly basis through the faithful gifts of a few American churches.  He needs much more.  If you’d like to help this worthy preacher and his people, please contact GLBM.


School class, Aunglan Baptist, Magwe Div. Myanmar

School class, Aunglan Baptist, Magwe Div. Myanmar







Aunglan Baptist Church, Magwe Division, Myanmar

Aunglan Baptist Church, Magwe Division, Myanmar

Adult member, Aunglan Baptist Church

Adult members of the Aunglan Baptist Church








GLBM Bible Institutes

Bethany Baptist Bible Institute

Bethany Baptist Church, South Dagon, Yangon Division, Myanmar

Pastor Thaung Ngaih Lian

Pastor Thaung Ngaih Lian is of the Tiddim Chin tribe and was saved as a boy in his home village in Chin State, Myanmar.  By faith he traveled to the Philippines and attended the Bethany Baptist College, a local church-based ministry which taught him to be a fundamentalist, a soul-winner, and a church-planter.  After graduating he returned to Myanmar and started the Bethany Baptist Church.  He rented a two-story house; he and his wife lived upstairs and they held church services downstairs.  Soon he had won his first converts and the infant congregation began to grow.

Shortly after they started their church, the persecution began.  Mobs of people would rain stones upon the new believers as they came to church and as they went home.  The people would hide by the corners of the building to keep from being hit.  Some drifted away, but the majority of new converts continued to faithfully attend.  Eventually, the Township Chief of Police turned to Christ, joined the church, and finally the persecution ceased.

Pastor Thaung began training some of his faithful men and, as they grew, some answered the call to preach.  Pastor Thaung, being committed to church-planting, trained these men to be pioneers and to go out and plant their own church.  Currently there are near one dozen men who have started churches, some are still in training, and others are coming.

GLBM needs to strengthen this ministry and expand its capabilities to train and send preachers across Myanmar.  You can help by contacting GLBM.