These men are leaders who have proven their burden and vision for GLBM as well as world-evangelization in general.  These are men who know what GLBM does, what our people are doing, and where we are going.  They have agreed not only to serve as a reference for our work and vision but to assist and advise.  We look upon these men as dear friends and co-workers and respect their viewpoints that is backed by years of experience in their fields.  Please pray for these men and their ministries as they work to assist us.


Dr. Dennis Higgins

DennisHigginsSenior Pastor/Founder, Harbor Baptist Church, Hainesport New Jersey USA

•  Educator, Harbor Christian School and Bible Institute

•  Church-planter

Dr. Higgins is known all over the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area as a church-planter.  Having personally planted seven inner-city congregations, training men to take over those works and moving on to others, he knows how to reach a city and a country for Christ.  Dr. Higgins has a unswerving burden for souls and a real heart for missions.  He understands what GLBM is endeavoring to do and stands with us in support and counsel.  The church Dr. Higgins currently pastors is his eighth and is a growing congregation with an outreach ministry to Burmese refugees.



Dr. Joe Grimaldi

Joe Grimaldi is a great Bible preacher.  Joe grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and, after Bible College, became the Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Allison Park, a northern suburb.  After twelve years of faithful service there, he and his wife, Kindra, answered the call of God to move to Rochester, Minnesota where they started the Midwest Bible Baptist Church in the shadow of the famed Mayo Clinic.  After many years there and building another successful congregation and ministry, Dr. Grimaldi answered yet a third call to become the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Kenmore (Akron) Ohio where he is currently today.  Dr. Grimaldi has always had a great burden for souls and has our conviction that the local church is the channel of world evangelism.  A long-time friend of Dr. Bob DeWitt and a supporter of GLBM, Dr. Grimaldi is anxious to visit the Golden Land soon for himself.


Pastor Tim Fellure

Tim Fellure pastors the VPastorFellureictory Baptist Church on Milton, Florida USA, a soul-winning and enthusiastic ministry near Pensacola.  It is the home of the Victory Baptist Press, a publications and book distribution ministry with an emphasis on supplying missionaries with Scriptures for their people.  Tim is an excellent preacher.  Dr. Bob DeWitt describes him as the “Rembrandt of Baptist Preachers” because of his wonderful way of painting a picture of a Scriptural story or truth in his hearers’ minds.  Pastor Fellure has graciously consented to assist on the GLBM Advisory Board because of his confidence in our work and vision.



Pastor Mark Secrist

unnamed•  Senior Pastor, Mountain State Baptist Church, Summersville West Virginia USA

•  Organizer, Mountain State Baptist Youth Camp

Mark Secrist is fourth generation preacher in his family.  Saved in a small mountain church, Mark grew up in the hills of West Virginia and answered the call to preach, weeping uncontrollably with another Preacher Boy, now Pastor Joe Schafer, both working flat on their backs under an old truck.  Mark has always had an unquenchable desire to see people saved, especially in his beloved Nicholas County where he is building one of West Virginia’s fastest growing churches.  Bob DeWitt says about Mark, “Besides being a unstoppable worker and great preacher, he is one of the best cooks on the planet and one of my very best friends.”  Mark Secrist believes GLBM is true New Testament missions and supports both the mission agency itself and some of our Burmese preachers individually.