GLBM Preachers

GLBM is helping to train an army of preachers to reach their own people in Old Burma. Hundreds of Bible preachers come to our annual Pastors Conference in the city of Yangon. Whereas GLBM seeks to influence many of these men, not all these pastors receive financial assistance or even completely concur with our Statement of Faith. Preachers who receive financial assistance from GLBM have completed sufficient training and a 12-page questionnaire demonstrating that they are of like faith and practice. GLBM pastors and church-planters give regular reports, giving evidence of their work and progress in building a church and reaching souls for Christ. Every GLBM preacher is living and working by faith and serves with some degree of persecution. Please pray earnestly for our preachers. Here are some of the GLBM preachers.

Yangon Division (including Yangon City)

Pastor A Lin
Mingaladon Baptist Church
Mingaladon, Yangon Division


Pastor A Lin, a preacher and missionary from Palatwa, Chin State, is a faithful man of God who was trained under Thaung Lian. He came to southern Myanmar as a bachelor, having a great burden to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Burmese Buddhists. After several years alone, he married Hser Moo Eh, a beautiful young lady from his home area, and she joined him in ministry.  They now have two beautiful children of their own and they take care of twenty orphans who depend on them every day. This year they will send two preacher boys to be trained in our Bible college in Yangon.

Together, A Lin and Hser Moo Eh, have built a new church that is growing regularly with new converts despite being persecuted by their own landlord for holding church services in their home. The landlord has built a Buddhist shrine in the front yard, hoping to drive the preacher and his flock away. He also confronts A Lin regularly concerning the church in his home. Fortunately, A Lin is a man who doesn’t quit. He has endured persecution, deep hunger, the elements themselves, and great poverty.

Several years ago, A Lin began experiencing excruciating pain from a quarter size cancerous growth on his left eyeball. The doctors told him that he needed to have his entire eye removed. But today he still has his eye, although he cannot see out of it.  Throughout all of these attacks from the devil, A Lin continues to preach the Word of God, and win people in his community to Christ. He and his young believers are currently praying and saving what little they can to purchase a small piece of property on which to build their own church.

Thaung Lian
Bethany Baptist Church & Orphanage, Cornerstone Baptist College
Dagon Saikkon, Yangon Division

Pastor Thaung Lian has one of the strongest ministries associated with GLBM. After graduating from Bethany Baptist College in Manila, Philippines, Thaung returned to Old Burma to reach his own countrymen for Christ, knowing that he would be facing hard times and much persecution. Enduring that persecution and keeping a loving and forgiving heart, Thaung and his wife have built the church, orphanage, and now a Bible college and are training young people for the Lord’s work in Myanmar. They have already planted ten new churches.

Thaung has always been a generous soul and, caring more for the work of God than his own comforts, he has always divided whatever financial support he could muster with his preacher boys. Then, in order to support those men and the ministries they were starting, he took his own inheritance and started a purified bottled water company to support the work of God.

Thaung Lian has worked unselfishly for years to secure and transport Burmese scriptures for his own people and many others, sometimes at the risk of his own peril. He has also helped GLBM on almost every missions trip we have taken, giving his time and resources to promote our work.

He has many needs. But recently, with our help, he has finished a brand new four-story concrete building that houses his own living quarters, Sunday School classes, the orphanage, and college dormitories. His orphans can be supported at $40 US per child through GLBM, and he has capacity for many more orphans than he currently houses if only he had more support.

Please pray for Pastor Thaung Lian, his people, and the ministry that God has raised up there.

Magwe Division

Pastor Htein Win Ei
Aung Lan Baptist Church, School, and Orphanage
Village of Aung Lan, Magwe Division, Myanmar


Pastor Htein Win Ei was “BaGyi Bob’s” first contact in Myanmar. Pastor Htein has the equivalency of a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics but lives in a dirt floor hut so that he can reach his people with the Gospel. Persecuted much and jailed four times, Pastor Htein has persisted to build a strong church and school, with many orphans, and a great music and English education program. This year the school will include nearly 100 students and orphans.

Htein’s greatest burden is many times finding rice to feed his many orphans. GLBM helped him build a dormitory for the school boys, who had been living and sleeping on the ground in what used to be a chicken coop for the past four years. When BaGyi Bob handed him the $4,000 to build the simple dormitory, BaGyi said, “Now Saya Htein, this is for the new house, not for rice!” Htein’s daily burden is to find enough rice for the many children in his care. Htein laughed and said, “Ah, BaGyi, you know my burden!”

BaGyi Bob has called Htein Win Ei the “Watchman Nee of Old Burma” because he is a humble, gentle, but brilliant man of the Word of God and a shepherd of his people. But Htein Win Ei needs monthly support desperately to help those in his care and to reach others who still have not heard the Gospel of Christ. You can help Pastor Htein through Golden Land Baptist Missions. Please donate today!

Bago Division

Joel Myint Aung
Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar

Joel Myint Aung_crop
Joel Myint Aung, his wife and daughter, and sister

Joel Myint Aung was one of Thaung Lian’s students. He and his wife have started a new church in the village of Oakkan, in Yangon Division, near the Ayeyarwady Division border – southwest Myanmar. When we visited the place where he and his family live and serve, we climbed the skinny makeshift steps to their house-church built on stilts, and the whole building swayed back and forth on its insufficient supports. GLBM has been helping Pastor Joel, to sure up this building and give them a little money to live on. But they need more. And they could furthen their ministry if had more monthly support. This is a very humble, yet powerful, young preacher and his ministry is a good investment of those resources that God has given you.

Mon State

Peter and Ruth Judson (Jo Jo Aung and Say Say)


Peter Judson, otherwise known in Myanmar as Jo Jo Aung, was born in Thaton, Mon State, Myanmar to Buddhist parents. After moving to Thailand, he heard the Gospel and became the first member of his people group, the Pa-O Tribe, to become a Christian. He immediately won his mother to Christ and to their knowledge, they are the only Christians within that group yet today. Believing that he and his family could never return to their homeland, they became refugees to America in 2008. Shortly after, they became members of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Horseheads, New York USA – the home church of GLBM. God was working in Peter’s heart, and he felt that God was calling him back to Burma to reach his homeland with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  After raising a bit of support, Peter brought his family back to their homeland in 2014.  God lead him to plant a new church in Malawmyine, the third city of missionary Adoniram Judson, where Anne Hasseltine Judson is buried. Brother Judson is a wonderful soul-winner; a separated and spiritual man. Soon after he and his family arrived back to Myanmar in 2014, they began winning souls to Christ and building their church.  By the grace of God, their church has flourished, but their congregation is too large to fit in their house, where they have been holding services for the past three years.  Currently Pastor Judson is raising funds to build a new church building on a strategically located property that God lead him to buy.

Lal Ram Hngak (“Pastor Steven”)

Lal Ram Hngak

Lal Ram Hngak, known also as “Pastor Steven,” is from the Falam Tribe in Myanmar’s Chin State. He is a seminary graduate and has worked with the Burmese migrant people in Mae Sot, Thailand for more than six years. His vision is to return to Myanmar and to plant a new church.

Peter Van Siang Lian