I’m in the mountains of West Virginia, speaking in the Vacation Bible School program of the Liberty Baptist Church in the Saturday Road community of Fayette County. Their program is centered around the theme of world missions and Pastor Danny Legg asked me to teach a steady stream of small groups of young people in a brush arbor-setting that is set up to resemble situations we experience in Burmese villages where GLBM preachers take the Gospel.

Many of the children have been very interested as I told stories of reaching remote villages and those who have turned to Christ from the worship of idols. A young man joined me at the altar to surrender his life to the Lord’s work.  But as the main service ended last night a little girl with pig tails, seven years old, came to the front, asking for someone to show her how to become a Christian. Pastor Legg told me that she came from a broken home and had never been in church before. She had come through the brush arbor and heard me explaining how most of our beloved Burmese people have never heard the Gospel, how they suffer all their lives and then go to Hell, never having a chance to believe in Christ as their Saviour.

So I took this little girl by the hand, with the Pastor’s wife, to a back room and began to explain God’s simple plan of salvation. I explained about our sin problem and God’s Bible solution. In the middle of my little talk with her, she stopped me. She reached out and took my hand, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Brother Bob, can I just pray and get saved right now?” And she began to cry. She was ready and didn’t want to wait.

After I helped her pray, she left the room glowing from ear to ear. I heard someone ask her why she was so happy. She said, “God forgave me and Jesus came into my heart.” Please pray that we can continue to take this amazingly simple good news to those who have never yet heard – here and there.


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