After preaching in area churches for the past several weeks, I am now at the Mountain State Baptist Youth Camp in Fayetteville, West Virginia. It started last night. We have had a great day with several preaching and singing services and many activities but tonight God took over the service with a full auditorium. During the song service, before any preaching, the altar filled with young people weeping and praying. The Lord allowed me to lead two young men to Christ there at the altar.

Amidst all the other young people at the altar, a 12 year-old girl was weeping so hard that she was trembling.  I looked everywhere for a lady to help her but they were all busy with others. So I finally went to her and asked, “Is the Lord speaking to your heart; can I help you?” She just leaned into me and wept.  She said, “Brother Bob, my Dad is dead; my mother is in jail; I’m living with my grandparents and they are in and out of jail and they themselves are not healthy. Who is going to take care of me but God?” I said, “Please let me pray for you right now!” And I began to weep. I prayed and then asked her, “What do you want God to do for you this week?” She answered,  “I want God to make Himself more real to me! ”

At the end of the service, when we all realized that there would be no preaching (God Himself had already done the preaching better than any of us could), those who had received Christ as their personal Saviour stood in a line across the platform. A young lady announced her decision to follow Christ. Suddenly her mother came to the altar and said, “If my daughter is going to get right with God, I need to do so as well.” And the two embraced in front of everyone.  Then two more sisters came and finally the Dad. And they all stood before the entire congregation, confessing their sin and coming back to God.

God wants to bring revival to you, to your house, to your church, your town, your nation. The truth of God’s Word has already been delivered to us in America.  We must open our hearts again and let it come in. Then we can obey from the heart (Romans 6:17) and God will begin again to work in our lives. But what of those who have never heard, who have no Bibles, no churches, no truth?  Please pray for my beloved people in the Golden Land!