We have been back in the States since Christmas Eve and, of course, we’ve been busy with family and friends. But this past Sunday, January 11, Peter Judson (Kyaw Kyaw Aung) and I visited two churches here in New York State. It was our privilege to present the work that God is doing through Golden Land Baptist Missions inside Myanmar and in parts of Thailand. We were with the Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Dickson Beam in Medina, New York on Sunday morning. Very quickly, after the morning service, we drove to Buffalo for a service beginning at 2:00 p.m.  Zomie Chin people, one of the tribes of Myanmar, have a strong congregation there in Buffalo and they wanted to know about our work in their homeland.  After some congregational singing and special music, the Pastor (Paul) turned the service over to us and I showed about 200 photo slides of our recent trip to the Golden Land, of the souls that were saved there, the villages we visited, the orphans and schools.  These expatriates were thrilled to see how God is working in Myanmar and they immediately wanted to help by becoming partners in prayer and finances.  A young Chin man came to Peter and I after the service and desired us to pray for him, that He would come to know how God wants to use him for His glory.  People lined up to take pictures with us and to express their overwhelming appreciation for our love for their home country and people.  I do love the Myanmar people, more than I can explain.  And we have found many people from Myanmar all across America.  It is our privilege to minister and bring encouragement to them wherever we find them.

We are now in an overnight Pastors Fellowship Meeting in Rome, New York and I will be sharing our work and recent trip with the men in the morning.  Please pray for the needed resources that we desperately need to help our Burmese national pastors, our schools, and orphans.  I travel almost non-stop to present the ministry of GLBM in Myanmar to churches in America and Canada, hoping to fund this great work of God through the gifts of God’s people.  It takes a constant supply of money to help national pastors build churches, feed orphans, print, ship, and distribute Bibles and literature, as well as pay for huge travel expenses.  If your church would like to know more about GLBM, please contact us.  We would love to come to one of  your services.


Zomie Chin Pastor Paul with GLBM's BaGyi Bob and Peter Judson (Kyaw Kyaw Aung) in Buffalo, New York USA

Zomie Chin Pastor Paul with GLBM’s BaGyi Bob and Peter Judson (Kyaw Kyaw Aung) in Buffalo, New York USA